About us .........

My husband Cameron and I started coming to Home Farm back in 2009, spending many weekends and holidays here throughout the year with our dog Millie, who just loved it.  She would be fast asleep in the back of the car but as soon as we went over the first speed bump on the driveway, she would wake up and she knew exactly where we were !

In 2015 we bought our own static caravan on site, which we still own and use most weekends.  We now have 2 rescue dogs, Betty & Ted who absolutely love it here and they know that this is where they come on Fridays after we finish work and they get so excited, often waiting by the door, before we’ve even packed the car !

Unfortunately, I lost my parents a few years ago, but was lucky enough to be left some inheritance, which I used to buy ‘The Bolt Hole’ in May 2019.   I had an amazing summer, and met some fabulous guests, some of which return to us time and time again, sometimes several times a year.

As The Bolt Hole had been so successful, I purchased The Retreat in November 2019.  We had guests in straight away and all through Christmas & New Year, but then…… Covid struck.

2020 and 2021 were tough years, but when we ‘could’ open, we did, and we welcomed some really lovely guests and their dogs who were all so grateful for the peace and tranquility of Home Farm, after the nightmare of lockdowns and Covid restrictions.

In February 2022, just as we were about the start our new season, Storm Eunice hit the UK and unfortunately a large tree branch fell through the roof of our beloved Bolt Hole, completely destroying it.  We were absolutely devastated, but 7 weeks later, we had the ‘New’ Bolt Hole delivered !

Before buying the caravans and before Covid, I ran a Doggy Day Care Business for 10 years,  (@GoingWalkies,Sit& Stay) from my home, in between Bath & Bristol.  However, as many of my day care clients were working from home through the pandemic, and still are, I now only do that 2 days per week.  So, in June 2022, I re-trained and am now working as a Wedding Celebrant (SaraCumming-TheNaturalCelebrant.co.uk) - a job I absolutely love xxxx

If I'm not marrying people or playing with dogs, I try and spend as much time as I can at Home Farm as it really is 'My Happy Place !'

Some of the artwork in the caravans has been done by 'my' fair hand.  As, when I've got time, I love to paint (@SaraCumming-Art&Textiles) - and obviously Home Farm is an amazingly inspirational place.  I love painting Landscapes in both acrylics and watercolours and all the artwork you see is for sale - so if you see something you particularly like, let me know and I'm sure we can arrange a sale so you can take it home with you !

I really hope to be able to Welcome you soon.  Home Farm really is a special place – it’s the perfect spot to unwind and relax. The owners of the Park describe it as ‘A Hidden Gem’ and that’s exactly what it is !